This is me, Stephanie. I’m the one behind the posts, messages, emails, texts, bookings and marketing administration duties.  As well as working on The Mobile Myo, I am also a mum to two beautiful girls, 4 year old Grace and 4 month old Lottie. 

I also work part time in the financial services industry (currently on maternity leave) and know first hand the impact of sitting at a desk all day. Sore back, sore shoulders, neck and wrists. This is why I am passionate about corporate Myotherapy and Massage, I would love a treatment while onsite and during working hours! I spent so much time on lunch breaks trying get my neck and shoulder out of pain. 

When Cam moved to the inner west of Melbourne for his family, we started up The Mobile Myo and combined both passions, corporate massage and in home  Myotherapy. 

As a mum, I also understand the challenges of parenting. Fitting appointments around nap times, feed times, babysitters, child care drop off, as well as work. This is why we provide quality treatment in a convenient location at times that suit you. This isn’t just for busy parents, but for those with busy lives. 

So when you call, text, message or view our posts, this is who is behind it all.


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